Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioning Installation Brooklyn

When you are unable to have a standard air conditioner installed in your business or home, there is another good alternative, a ductless mini-split, but only if it is correctly installed. 212 HVAC are experience in ductless air conditioning installation Brooklyn and across NYC.

Energy Efficiency

Zone Specific
Environment Control

Noise Reduction

Variety of Design

Healthier, Fresher Air

Piece of Mind

Our qualified service technicians, customer-focused service and fair costs will keep you warm or cool no whatever your needs.
We believe every customer should be comfortable in any environment whether at home or at work.

Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioning Brooklyn

  • Best possible design for better look and efficiency
  • Best hot and cold options
  • Correct ac size for proper installation and maximum usage for the specific space
  • Optimal indoor & outdoor unit location
  • How to use and maintain ductless ac correctly

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